• Electronic Journal of SADIO (EJS)

    The Electronic Journal of SADIO (abbreviated EJS) is an open access scientific journal, edited by the Argentine Society of Informatics and Operational Research (SADIO).

    The first issue of EJS was published in 1998, after SADIO's decision of embracing the dissemination of scientific research content in the areas of Computer Science, Information Technology and Operations Research. EJS is the successor of a previous journal from SADIO called "Revista de Informática e Investigación Operativa", which was first published in 1960 and lasted until the '80.

    The EJS has worked as a means of disseminating the scientific papers presented annually within the framework of the Argentine Conference on Information Technology (JAIIO), as well as other national and international activities.

    The EJS aims to become a meeting place for the national and Latin American community, in a vehicle of knowledge, communication and permanent updating for all professionals in the area, whether from academia or industry.